Do you need help?

Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. -Romans 12:15

Help in all kind of situations for everybody

One of the basic assignments of the church is to help everybody in any problem. Pastors give mainly spiritual support and deacon workes mainly in social problems. Whatever problems you may have in your life, we will support you in times of sorrow and difficulty. Meetings with diaconal workers and pastors are always strictly confidential and free of charge. Church membership is not required.

You can discuss with a pastor or a diacon on issues such as relationship troubles, grief, work matters, and any other burdening situation. We provide spiritual, physical and material help to those in need.

Each person's religious convictions and world views are always respected on the basis of freedom of belief.

The pastors and diacons offer

  • discussion
  • spiritual and emotional support
  • family and relationship counseling
  • place for privat confession and absolution

You can also contact our pastors and diacons on questions such as financial advice and material assistance and if you need help dealing with authorities and form filling.

Contact information to our the local parish pastors and deacons you can find here.


Pastor for international ministry and diacon for students and international ministry

Oulu Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union has pastor for international work, and a diacon for international students. Their main task is to support, help, and advise foreigners and immigrants. The aim is to help people to find their way into the church and become full members of the society. The best way to find activities that interest you is to contact our staff.

Árpád Kovács, Pastor for international work, tel. +358 40 524 2778

Kaija Siniluoto, Diacon for students and international ministry, tel. +358 40 574 7132


Need for special help?

We have special staff for counselling families and couples, and for students, and for many other groups requiring special assistance.
Click the left column subtitles for more detailed information in English about the special assistance.
Click here for more infromation in Finnish.

In an emergency?

If lives are in danger, call 112 for a abulance and the local police.


(Photo by Sanna Krook)