Who we are

We are part of the biggest religious organisaton in Finland, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oulu is officially operated and administered in the structure of the Oulu Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union. ​​​​​​​Totally about 73 % of the citizens of Oulu are members of the parish union.

You can meet us in many warm and friendly communities - mostly in Finnish. We welcome everyone and we offer many kinds of activities to people who seek connection with other people and God.

You find the member parishes and their contact information listed in the below.

With you in life

We as Christians want to be with you in everyday life and festivities, in moments of joy and sorrow. Services and other events and volunteer work can bring lots of new elements in your life. Our ministry bring people together also in communal activities such as clubs and hobbies which are arranged for the joy of people of all ages. We want to stay with you throughout your life.

Parish offices can be reached under the following contact information and can assist with:

  • joining the church
  • official certificates
  • examination of potential impediments to a marriage
  • family research/genealogy
  • information about church activities


The Parish offices and contact information

All Parish offices are open according to the following opening hours, Mon-Fri, from 9 am - 4 pm.


Oulu Cathedral Parish office

Isokatu 17, 90100 (the ground floor)

Entrance from the side of Asemakatu

tel. +358 8 3161 401



Haukipudas Parish office

Kirkkotie 10, 90830 Haukipudas

tel. +358 8 5471 185



Karjasilta Parish office

Nokelantie 39, 90150 Oulu

tel. +358 8 5313 200



Kiiminki Parish office

Kirkonniementie 6, 90900 Kiiminki

tel. +358 40 584 4406



Oulujoki Parish office

Hintantie 89, 90650 Oulu

tel. +358 8 5313 500



Oulunsalo Parish office

Vattukuja 2, 90460 Oulunsalo

tel. +358 8 5142 700



Tuira Parish office

Myllytie 5, 90500 Oulu

tel. +358 8 5314 600