Students and staff in the universities and vocational schools

Student life can sometimes be stressful and full of many little problems. Issues such as where to live, how to study, where to find friends and work can cause stress and burden. It helps to have someone to hare your thoughts with. Any problem is worth solving, and any opinion is meaningful to share.
We are here to support you!


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oulu have several Chaplains for the students and staff members in universities. The University Chaplains serve mainly in vocational schools, colleges, universities of applied sciences and the University of Oulu. You can easily meet us on campus and have a chat with us. Or you can send us an email or text message so we can arrange a time to meet. You can also contact us on social media channels by sending private messages. We serve the students and the staff in the universities and vocational schools.

Contact us:

Ari SavuojaUniversity Chaplain, (University of Oulu, Services in English), office room KK241 on Linnanmaa, 
       Phone +358 40 524 5919,

Katariina PitkänenUniversity Chaplain (Oamk and Osao, fields of Technology and Culture),
       Phone +358 50 386 8677,

Jenni Siljander, University Chaplain (Oamk, Osao and others, fields of Social Services and Health),
       Phone +358 44 316 1450,

Kaija Siniluoto, Deacon for students and international affairs, 
       Phone+358 40 574 7132,


(Photos by Ari Savuoja)