Church buildings and other places of interest


The parish church is a centre of the activities and the heart of the parish life. Each Oulu parish has a church they call home, where worship services, meetings and concerts take place regularly. 

The Oulu Parish Union owns many kinds of premises in addition to its churches.The premises of Oulu Parish Union are intended for different kinds of activities and gatherings of parishioners. Parishioners may book the premises free of charge for having a Christian family occasion. If you want to keep a non-Christian meeting, festivity or some other gathering in the premises, you have to pay for use of the premises.


Cathedral and other church buildings


Oulu Cathedral

(in Finnish Oulun tuomiokirkko)

Kirkkokatu 3 A, 90100 Oulu

+358 8 3161 401

Oulu Cathedral and its crypt which is located in the cellar of the cathedral are available for parishioners when they need a place for Christian family festivities. Oulu Cathedral was built in 1777.

The city of Oulu suffered damages in the large fire of 1822. Then the wooden structures of the church burned. Soon cathedral was built again on top of the old stonewalls and a new central dome, roof structures and a tower were also constructed.  The designer of the cathedral is famous architect Carl Ludwig Engel. The cathedral was completed in 1832 and the tower in 1845.

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Haukipudas parish church

(in Finnish Haukiputaan kirkko)

Kirkkotie 10, 90830 Haukipudas

+358 8 547 1185

Haukipudas parish church was built in 1762. The church was decorated with beautiful and vivid wall paintings by  Mikkael Toppelius in the 18th century. Service is held on each Sunday in Finnish. 


Karjasilta parish church

(in Finnish Karjasillan kirkko)

Nokelantie 39, 90150 Oulu

+358 8 5313 200

Karjasilta parish church has in addition to its church hall, a church office, four other congregation halls and several clubrooms. There is also a small crypt-like chapel beside the church hall in which baptism and holy matrimony can take place. Karjasilta parish church represents church architecture of modern times and building materials which have been used are concrete and brick. The parish church in Karjasilta is built in 1963 and it is designed by Kalevi Lankinen. Service is held on each Sunday in Finnish. 


Oulujoki parish church

(in Finnish Oulujoen kirkko)

Oulujoentie 69, 90650 Oulu

+358 8 531 3500

Oulujoki parish church is the only wooden jugend style church which has survived in northern Finland.  The church was completed in 1908. Service is held on each Sunday in Finnish. 


Oulunsalo parish church

(in Finnish Oulunsalon kirkko)

Uhrikirkonkuja 2, 90460 Oulunsalo

+358 8 514 2700

Oulunsalo parish church was completed in 1891 and it was inaugurated on Candlemas in 1892. It is designed by Finnish architect Julius Basilier. Service is held on each Sunday in Finnish. 


Tuira parish church

(in Finnish Tuiran kirkko)

Myllytie 5, 90500 Oulu

+358 8 531 4600

Tuira parish church is a multifunctional church space. The church was completed in 1916 and it was designed by architect Harald Anders. The church was transformed into its present form in 1992 by design of architects Lasse and Ulla Vahtera. Service is held on each Sunday in Finnish. 


(Photos by Sanna Krook, Juho Alatalo/Studio Ilpo Okkonen)