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Árpád Kovács

Kansainvälisen työn pastori / Pastor for international work, turvapaikanhakijat, paperittomat ja hätämajoitus

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Isokatu 17 (kolmas kerros), PL 122
90101 Oulu

Our aim is to help foreigners in Finland to find their way into the church. At the moment we focus on services in different languages, pastoral counseling and supporting immigrants in becoming full members of the society. Currently there is mass in English and Arabic (Sudanese) on every Sunday and in Hungarian few times a year.
Our possibilities allow us to arrange services in German, French, Swahili, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian and several other languages. Our workers, priest, deacons and deaconesses are educated to provide high standard pastoral counseling. Immigration is not an easy path. If you feel the need to talk to someone and relieve the burden we are here to listen.

Árpád Kovács

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